Understanding How Solar Power Works

By Hannes | February 19, 2018 | Blog

Everyone is looking at ways in which they can save power and money. If you’re looking at exploring solar power and how it might work for you, but not sure where to start or what it entails, then this article is for you.

What Is Solar Power and How Does It Work?

Solar power can be defined as being power which is obtained by utilising the energy that comes from sun rays. When it comes to solar power, solar panels are used to collect energy from the sun. The performance of the solar panels is based on the amount of sun your panels get.

A solar panel is created by joining a number of solar cells together to create a PV panel. When putting one or more of these panels together, it’s known as being a solar array. The energy which is generated from the solar panels are then pushed through a power inverter which changes direct current and alternating current.

How Solar Power Is Used In Your Home

The solar panels collect energy which has been generated from the sun and send it to the inverter which converts it to the AC power. This power should then enter your home through your electrical board and is then distributed.

If you’re looking to bypass your electrical board, you’ll have the option of plugging certain appliances directly into your inverter. Should your system be connected through the electrical board, the excess energy which has been generated can go through to your power bank or even exported back into the national power grid.

Storing  And Using Your Solar Power

This largely depends on the type of set up you’ve. If you’re going with a full off the grid system, you can look at getting batteries which can store some of the power you’ve generated. This can then assist in supplying your home with power once the sun has set or even if it’s cloudy weather outside. The solar power generated can be used to power up most electrical items in your home. From lights, home appliances, your geyser and any heating.

Deciding On The Most Appropriate Set Up

Before you can go ahead with a solar system installation, you’ll need to get a reliable company in to do an assessment on your home. This will assist you in making a well informed decision as to what should be installed and what sort of preparation needs to be done before you can set up the system.

In closing, solar power is considered a renewable energy source which can be collected and converted. A method in which you can save money in your home and become more energy efficient. Thanks to the many technological advancements, improvements are constantly being made to the system and consumers are even more able to move closer to being self sufficient in generating electricity.