Take back control of your electricity bill with a tailor made solar energy system from Max Yield Energy.

By Hannes | August 11, 2016 | Blog

Take back control of your electricity bill and install an innovative, tailor made Max Yield solar energy system to save money and loosen the grip that Eskom has on homeowners, businesses and industries, while at the same time contributing towards the conservation of our already depleted natural resources.

Solar energy is here to stay and so is Max Yield Energy!  With many satisfied clients already, Max Yield Energy is committed to providing innovative solar systems tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, paying meticulous attention to the specific objectives clients wish to attain with a Max Yield solar energy system.

Although Durbanville in the Western Cape is the home base of Max Yield Energy, due to the exceptional dedication to service excellence and innovative design provided by this team, Max Yield Energy has had to expand its services a little further into outlying areas based on many new clients who approach this team on recommendations from already satisfied clients.

Visiting the Max Yield Energy website to view previous solar installations, as well as current and planned projects is indicative of exactly what this team of professionals headed by a qualified electronic engineer is capable of.

This user friendly website also makes a clear distinction between the different types of solar systems focussed on by Max Yield Energy and also gives an indication of costs for complete systems as well as what your 5 year and 10 year savings will look like.  These transparent figures will give you peace of mind where it comes to just how much of a return your investment will yield which more than makes up for the initial outlay.

There are very few in electricity consumers in the Western Cape who are not trying to break the stranglehold that Eskom has on their purse strings with exorbitantly high costs of electricity, and if you are ready to cut those ties as much as possible then Max Yield Energy is the team you can rely on to deliver a tailor made solution.