Streamlined service based on integrity forms the basis of success for Max Yield Energy.

By Hannes | September 23, 2017 | Blog

Max Yield Energy has enjoyed consistent success as a result of the many satisfied clients who have experienced the high level of professionalism and expert approach applied to every Max Yield Energy solar system installation, and this success is an ongoing process which has never wavered as a result of the commitment by this team to make access to solar systems a lot easier than usual with their exceptional consultancy services.

During consultation with any client, Max Yield Energy pays careful attention to the specifics of what your individual requirements may be and assessing exactly what your energy needs will be, after which the team will get you started with the best expert advice and guidance you can expect from this team of professionals.

Max Yield Energy definitely thinks outside of the box as they provide you with innovative solar energy solutions which will best benefit your needs, whether it is for your home, business, farm or any institution planning on installing solar systems.  This innovative approach used to design each solar system using high quality products has led to Max Yield Energy becoming the preferred installer of Microcare Solar Components, which is proof of the respect earned by Max Yield Energy in the industry.

There are few solar energy companies who can boast the level of honesty and integrity that Max Yield Energy can, backed up by the many satisfied clients who have had solar systems installed in Cape Town and the Western Cape region by this team, proving that a straightforward, down to earth approach is considered exceptional and valuable in the solar industry.

The fantastic level of service offered by Max Yield Energy does not end with the installation of your solar system, this team will make at least two follow up visits in order to inspect the effectiveness of the system, ensure that your are comfortable using it as well as to make any adjustments should they be required.

From start to finish you would be hard pressed to find a more streamlined service based on the rare level of integrity that Max Yield Energy brings to the solar industry in the Western Cape!