Start your journey to solar energy in the Western Cape with Max Yield Energy.

By Hannes | August 4, 2016 | Blog

Max Yield Energy focuses on three main solar system types, all using high quality solar panels as the energy source, and with many successful years in the industry among clients in the Western Cape, this is a team of solar experts who have been relied on to change the bottom line on expensive electricity bills for many satisfied clients over a long period of time, earning Max Yield Energy first place in the solar industry.

While a solar system may not be the solution for your particular issue, the least you can expect from the Max Yield Energy team is an honest opinion which will not leave you out of pocket for a system installed that will be of absolutely no use to you.  Max Yield Energy is owned and managed by an electronic engineer who understands every facet of the solar industry and its related products, committed to working with you to design a tailor made solar system to suit your requirements perfectly.

All potential Max Yield Energy clients will find a team ready to listen to their solar requirements in order to fully comprehend the objective they wish to achieve with their solar system, getting a grip on exactly how the system will be required to perform, whether during peak hours, to cover total energy needs or anything else that will affect the outcome of a Max Yield Energy solar installation.

In addition to this, Max Yield Energy will measure actual energy usage over a period of time suitable to record all usage data deemed necessary if possible, after which they will design a system that expertly dovetails all these findings into a solar system which will be of maximum benefit to the client.

With this level of professionalism, it stands to reason that any one of the three systems core to Max Yield Energy, from an off-grid system and grid-tied system to solar pump controllers, will be of the highest quality to be found in the solar industry.

A refreshing honesty and down-to-earth attitude towards assisting those of us who still find anything to do with solar energy somewhat daunting makes changing to solar power far less complicated than it need be when you choose Max Yield Energy as your starting point.