Is the solar energy sector really growing at a rapid pace in South Africa & the Western Cape?

By Hannes | April 28, 2018 | Blog

In South Africa, the use of solar energy is a welcome move, even more so due to the deteriorating state of the national power grid, and, with over 2500 hours of sunshine freely available, the move to renewable energy has fast gained momentum, especially due to the dropping prices of solar panels and lithium batteries.

As a highly respected solar company in the Western Cape, Max Yield Energy has made major inroads into the growth of solar installations in Cape Town working out of their offices in Durbanville, and, by burning the midnight oil, has ensured that those of us living in this region get the very best of the latest technological developments in the solar industry.

The team at Max Yield is passionate in their commitment to ensuring that more and more residential, commercial and industrial properties are able to make the most of this free energy offered by the sun, ensuring that customers not only loosen some of the grip that Eskom has on their wallets, but to keep the Western Cape on the fast track to environmentally friendly renewable energy.

Another important aspect of the speed with which solar panels and systems are gaining momentum in South Africa are the jobs created by this industry, alleviating some of the immense pressure on an economy already battling to keep afloat, and bringing hope to thousands of unemployed citizens.

Max Yield has been at the forefront of the growth of the solar industry in the Western Cape, developing and designing tailor made solar solutions for every application, no matter how big or small.

For those of us who are intensely aware of the impact the disintegration of our natural resources can have on future generations are more than willing to turn to experts like Max Yield in the renewable energy sector in order to make the necessary changes needed to maintain a greener South Africa.

Coal is the source of 85% of the electricity generated by Eskom, and this giant has not been shy in starting to use low grade, cheap coal, which is even more damaging to our environment. Because of the extensive mining of coal, this source of damaging energy is going to become more expensive as the well dries up – there is no doubt that the supply of coal is definitely not inexhaustible!

Due to the technical experience and knowledge gained over many years, Max Yield, an established, trusted source of innovative tailor made solar solutions in the Western Cape, this team is able to show you how to start as small or as big as you would like.

All that Max Yield is committed to and interested in, is to maintain the natural beauty of our Mother City by educating customers about the phenomenal contribution that renewable energy can make to protect the environment of this world-renowned region, and to keep it heading towards a greener future!

Whether you are looking for solar panels, off-grid with backup or pure grid-tied PV solutions for your home, commercial or industrial property, a consultation with the 100% honest team of experts at Max Yield is going to set you on the right road to making your own contribution to the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector in South Africa and the Western Cape!