Which PV solar system will work best for you – the choice being between having solar battery backup or not?

By Hannes | May 13, 2018 | Blog

Let’s first look at the role that Max Yield Energy plays in the growth of solar installations in Cape Town and the surrounding areas in the Western Cape.

Headed by a hands-on owner with a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering, in conjunction with a top electrical contracting company in the Western Cape, Max Yield is able to take you from consultation to drawing board and the installation of top quality solar panels and batteries without missing a step.

This is a no nonsense team, proud of their honesty and down-to-earth attitude towards every solar system design, offering expert advice without stinting on sharing the invaluable experience in designing solar systems in the Western Cape, bringing affordable solar solutions to every customer, whether it is in the commercial, industrial or residential sector.

Once Max Yield has established exactly what you expect from your solar system, based on your energy requirements, the team puts together a quote that will fit your pocket and needs perfectly, no matter how big or small your budget is – there are many ways in which you can start small with a high quality solar installation that can be added to at a later stage!

So, what are your options when it comes to choosing a solar system with or without battery backup?

Solar power without battery backup:

This is an area in which you can trust Max Yield implicitly, with their experience, they will make sure that you understand the pros and cons of solar power without battery backup, without trying to mislead you into making the wrong decisions.

The advantages of solar systems without battery backup is that they cost less than those with batteries, these systems, commonly known as the Off-Grid PV solar system with grid backup is the most popular choice of solar systems for residential properties.

While solar panels, in this instance, do not produce electricity to run an entire household, this is a good option for those days when there is little or no sunshine, which means that you can avoid the expense of a major battery bank to get you through low sunshine days based on the fact that you have access to the grid.

A point to take note of is that a Grid-Tied PV solar system is not going to offer sufficient electricity to a residential property should load shedding become part of South African lives again!

Pure Grid-Tied PV solar systems:

This is where we get into the more expensive systems, the costs of which depend on the size of your installation, but these are solar PV systems that are completely off the grid, and out of the grasp off Eskom.

The solar batteries, again depending on your energy needs, lean towards the expensive side, which is mainly due to the cost of high quality batteries, but with the constant research done into the best in batteries, Max Yield is in a position to ensure that your Grid-Tied PV solar system is worth the investment it takes in terms of its lifespan.

The really good news about batteries used in Grid-Tied PV solar systems is that as the prices for Lithium batteries, found to have a far longer lifespan than acid batteries, are coming down at a rapid pace, which means that, along with the drop in solar panels in South Africa, will soon become a whole lot cheaper than the outrageous tariffs imposed, and constantly rising, by the monopoly that Eskom holds over the heads of business, industry and home owners!

Unfortunately, other than in the Drakenstein area, which has an excellent buy back system in place, the rest of the Western Cape does not yet enjoy the benefits these buy back schemes offer, but, there is hope for the future!

Ultimately, the answer to these choices lies with ensuring that you are able to consult with the team at Max Yield, who will introduce you to the best option for your application in order to make it a whole lot simpler to make informed decisions, based on your energy requirements and your budget.

For innovative, tailor made solar solutions, contact the friendly, professional team at Max Yield and let them guide you to renewable energy solutions that will always be high value investments!