Off-Grid with Grid Back-Up Solar Power Explained

By Hannes | June 30, 2016 | Blog

Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable energy solutions across the world, and is becoming more popular in South Africa thanks to excellent climate conditions. However, to understand the best system for you is to wade through a minefield of often complex information, and it pays to take professional advice from people who have the knowledge and experience to advise you correctly. At Max Yield Energy we have a wealth of experience in solar power systems, and here we will explain why we believe our off-grid with grid back-up solution is the one for homes in the Western Cape.

This system is one of three offered by us at Max Yield Energy, and allows you to take your energy supply off the grid – that is away from the regional supplier – where at all possible. However, you remain connected to the national grid so that, when there is not sufficient sunlight to keep your power supplied, the equipment will rely on grid power to keep your lights on. We believe this system is perfect for residential homes across the Western Cape region, and it has proven very popular with satisfied clients.

It is worth noting that, as Max Yield Energy, we keep up to date with battery – and other – technology developments, and some of the biggest improvements are being seen in the area of lithium batteries. We believe that, in time, this will allow for less expensive, more efficient batteries that will enable customers to go off-grid completely, and there is a section on the website dedicated to battery technology and ongoing research. If you are interested in solar power and want to know more about our systems then please get in touch, and we will arrange to survey your situation and energy requirements and offer you all the advice you need.