Max Yield Energy for Quality Solar Energy Installations

By Hannes | July 14, 2016 | Blog

Are you considering the very sensible option of installing solar panels and a system to provide energy for your home? If so, you need to take careful advice, as there can be pitfalls, and it remains a fact that solar installations are not suitable for everyone. At Max Yield Energy, the leading provider of bespoke renewable energy systems for addresses in the Western Cape, we will take a careful look at your situation and energy usage, and advise you on the best course of action even if that means telling you that solar is not the right move for you.

At Max Yield Energy we have served many satisfied customers in the region and we have a reputation for excellent service and quality solutions. We use locally manufactured equipment where possible – we like to keep things local and help the economy – and we have a partnership with reputable electrical installers so you get quality service throughout. We begin by talking to you about your reasons for switching to solar power, and by analysing your usage across the days, and then put together a carefully planned quote so you can see just ow affordable we are.

Solar energy is bound to become more popular across the years, and at Max Yield Energy we have invested in the most up to date and efficient battery solutions; this is often the most expensive part of the installation, so we take great care to get you the most efficient and appropriate solution at the right price. Our professional and friendly approach extends to us visiting the site at least twice once up and running, as this allows us to help the customer get the best out of the system, so give us a call at Max Yield Energy now, and we’ll help with all your solar energy questions.