If you are looking for solar solutions in Cape Town designed & installed by true experts then Max Yield is the best place to start!

By Hannes | December 6, 2017 | Blog

If you have a health condition that requires more than just a GP, you will go to a specialist, or, if you have one of those beautiful collector motor vehicles you have kept in pristine condition and have any issue with its motor, you are not going to go to just any mechanic, it will have to be a specialist in motors that were built in the good old days when cars were built to last: well, the same applies to making the decision to find a solar system specialist if the renewable energy bug has bitten!

If the renewable energy bug has bitten, those of us living in the Western Cape are lucky enough to have a solar energy specialist based right here in Durbanville, designing and installing solar systems in Cape Town and pretty far outlying areas as well, and after many years in the solar industry, this is a team that understands everything there is to know about solar energy and solar pumps, trusted by many commercial property owners and home owners to do the job right from start to finish and beyond!

Right off the bat you will find that you are dealing with a team passionate about renewable energy and its many benefits, and Max Yield does nothing in half measures, either its done right or not at all!  In fact, even if you don’t really want to hear it, if a solar solution is not going to work for you, for whatever reason, they will not just go ahead willy nilly and install a system that is going to be of no use to you, they will tell you it is not worth it, right then and there!

Once you have had an energy consultation with the team at Max Yield and your energy needs have been established based on your current electricity usage and all the information supplied by you, Max Yield will provide you with a quotation that will make you breathe a sigh of relief when you find that it aligns with your budget!

This is not a team of salesmen and you will not be sent from one department to the next, every member of the Max Yield team is an expert, and with an owner/manager who not only has many years’ worth of experience in the industry but in addition also has a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering, no matter how little you know about solar systems in Cape Town, Max Yield will make it easy for you to find your way around the technicalities!

Max Yield will draw you a clear picture of the differences and benefits of systems such as an Off-Grid with Grid Backup (most popular system for residential use), Pure Grid Tied with no Backup and how to make the most out of a Solar Pump Controller, making it easy for you to work hand in hand with the team to design the most efficient solar system to suit your energy requirements, whether for commercial or residential use.

If taking the easiest, most affordable route to renewable energy sounds good to you, get that diary out and book a consultation with the honest, down to earth team at Max Yield – that way you know you have the kind of service that lasts long after installation!