Let Max Yield Energy introduce you to the luxury of living completely off-grid in the Drakenstein area!

By Hannes | January 15, 2018 | Blog

Towns such as Paarl, Wellington and the surrounding areas are about the luckiest under the sun, literally, when it comes to being able to go completely off-grid, with no backup power! This is not possible anywhere else in the Western Cape as a result of the Drakenstein municipality, which has the best net metering scheme available in South Africa!

The renewable energy scheme for both residential and commercial users in the Drakenstein is not only an exciting one that holds endless possibilities for the growth of solar energy in the area, but is also considered as good as the best in the world!

Unfortunately, the Drakenstein municipality and area is the only area in the Western Cape that lends itself perfectly to pure grid-tied solar solutions, but, we hold out hope that the rest of us will be included in their good fortune sooner rather than later!

If you are reading this and live in the area, be sure to share the information with your neighbours and friends – as it seems not many in the area are aware that this incredible option for saving a fortune in electricity costs is available to all in the area!

Personally, I like the way the guys at Max Yield put it, it’s succinct and to the point; ‘it’s like being told that you can buy your fuel NOW  for less per litre than the current price’ – read that twice – ‘and not pay for fuel for the next 20 to 25 years!’

No jokes, this is not about marketing, but it is definitely about making the best possible use of the energy of the sun, causing no damage to the environment and eventually getting your electricity FREE for the rest of your life!

The owner at Max Yield will do the math for you with pleasure, this is his playground, and, backed by a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering, along with many years in the solar industry in the Western Cape, you can be absolutely certain that you will be talking to someone who is as far from being a salesman as the moon is from the sun!

The Drakenstein municipality makes it easy for you to feed excess electricity back into the municipal grid for a full kWh credit for every kWh unit fed back to the grid, which you can use again whenever you need – it’s not money in the bank, but definitely just as good as, considering what you save on your total electricity bill!

Okay, so it is a little more complicated than this, but, that’s what Max Yield is there for, to help those of us who struggle to understand the technicalities, however, the one thing none of us will find difficult to understand is that after your system has paid for itself, which could be anywhere between 4 – 6 years, depending on the size of the system you choose to install, you will have free electricity for as long as you choose to use the sun to generate power to your home or business!

Farms, guesthouses, home owners and many other properties in the Drakenstein area, have already enjoyed massive savings after having the team of experts at Max Yield design and install their solar systems, and, one of the other major benefits of working with Max Yield is that theirs is all-encompassing service, from design to installation!

Find out more about how to go take advantage of this scheme in the Drakenstein area by contacting the team at Max Yield – the next step will more than likely be one that takes you closer to getting right off the grid!