How To Go Off The Municipal Power Grid

By Hannes | January 29, 2018 | Blog

It might seem impossible, but it isn’t. Solar power technology has helped millions of South Africans to go off the electrical municipal grid, enjoying energy independence at a fraction of the cost it would cost them, if they received their electricity from Eskom. How do you go off the municipal power grid? You do so by working with a solar power expert in your area, who is capable of best advising you on the way forward.

Keep in mind that you can’t merely install one solar panel to your home, and think it’ll provide you with adequate energy supplies to fuel your home’s electrical needs. Each property is unique, and therefore requires a unique needs assessment. By undergoing a needs assessment, the exact requirements of your property can be evaluated, and a plan of action can be devised.

Each Property Will Require Unique Solar Power Solutions

Whereas your home might be smaller than your neighbour’s, yours will require less solar panels than the house next door. Similarly, you’ll also need more power than your neighbour, if your home is larger. It’s due to this, among many other reasons, that you need to make sure you receive the correct advice when seeking advice on removing yourself from the electrical grid.

Before you jump into getting solar panels installed, be sure to get a needs assessment conducted on your property. By doing this you’ll be able to identify if your roof can handle the solar panel installation and the amount of solar panels you’ll require to complete the project.

After you know what your solar power needs are, have the panels installed, and you’ll soon be generating your home’s own electricity, free of charge or restrictions associated with municipal electricity usage. These are only a few of the many reasons why so many South Africans choose to demand in this renewable form of energy.

Tap the Sun’s Natural Energy for Electricity in Your Home

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the countries with the healthiest level of sunshine in the world. By tapping this incredible source of energy, you can look forward to incredible value for money, and to peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not dependent on the government to provide you with electricity.

Get In Touch With Experts in the Industry

What’s more, you can also look forward to enjoying greater value in your home’s equity, as installing solar power adds to your home’s value. These are only a few of the many reasons why it makes sense to go off the municipal electrical grid.

If you would like more information on this, how it would work, and whether your home is an ideal candidate for this type of technology, simply contact the team at Maxyield. With their many years experience, they’ll be sure to clear any questions or concerns you might have.