How to get best solar systems in South Africa?

By Hannes | April 4, 2018 | Blog

As the electricity cost continues to rise, for most South Africans, the use of solar energy is the way forward. The growth of solar systems has continuously increased and more solar companies continue to emerge at the top of the economic sector. It is true that solar energy solutions not only lower your electricity bill, but also offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly answer to high electricity tariffs – but how to choose the best solar systems for your home?

In this article, let’s find out.

Understand the types of solar systems

Eskom instituted rolling blackouts that affected different areas every week for over a year, and, with its failing infrastructure, it looks like South Africa still faces many challenges in terms of electricity supply, understanding the type of solar panels is a vital step towards getting the most out of it. First one is the Monocrystalline, which is the most efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. The most common solar panels on the market today is Polycrystalline which is cheaper but less efficient to use.

The advantage of a thin film or Amorphous modules is that they are shadow protected which means, the cells will continue to recharge even if they are in the shadows. It is great for transportation use like boats.

Determining the system size requirements and its efficiency

The measure of the module’s watt or electricity output could influence the efficiency of the solar system. The bigger the solar system, the more power it can supply for industrial and domestic purposes, it might lower the installation costs as well. This could also depend on what your energy requirements are.

Keep in mind that solar panels (photovoltaic) are different from solar water heating systems (Thermal). For example, solar companies like Max Yield Energy in South Africa offers a wide range of products that are guaranteed tested and approved by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) offering the most cost-effective solutions for off-grid with backup, grid-tied or back-up solar systems.

Choosing the right solar power system that suits your property energy requirements is not enough. Proper installation should not be overlooked; panels should be installed in an area that allows air to circulate underneath it in order to help keep the panel cooler.

Choosing the right installer

Based on tests carried out to establish your power needs, depending on what you expect of your solar system, and then designing the right system, is going to require the assistance of experienced professionals. For heating choose Max Yield Energy specialists in the design and installation of tailored solar systems that meet the needs of residential, commercial and industrial application.

Choosing Max Yield Energy to take you from start to installation of your solar system is an excellent first step. This is a down to earth team of experts who are passionate about maintaining an excellent reputation by delivering only the best for each client, and ensuring a greener future.


Solar power is the best solution for anyone wanting to enjoy great savings, which start from the day your system is installed, and to promote a cleaner, green lifestyle by reducing the use of unsustainable energy sources like fossil fuels that are known to emit carbon emission – a major contributor to growing global warming and climate change.