Four Things You Wish You Knew About Solar Panels

By Hannes | January 21, 2018 | Blog

With the cost of living increasing on a regular basis, consumers are doing everything they can to cut costs and save some money. The maintenance on any home doesn’t come cheaply nor do the rates and taxes. Some people have considered living off the grid to save a bit of money.

There are numerous checks you need to do to ensure your property is correctly kitted out to support these upgrades you’ll be making on your property. Solar power is fast becoming a popular means of generating power, if you’re considering having it installed, here are the checks you’ll need to do.

Can Your Roof Support the Solar Panels?

If you know you living in a property which was built many years ago, it would be recommended to get someone out to check the state of your roof and if it’ll handle the weight of the solar panel. This is also dictated by the quantity of solar panels you looking to install. If its only one or two you should be okay.

Depending on the location you’re choosing to install the solar panels, you’ll need to check for sufficient sunlight in that area, if you know it gets shade most of the day, you’ll have to reconsider your options.

The same would go for if you’re considering any home improvements, weigh out the pros and cons before going ahead with the installation as you might see yourself spending more money in a years time when you need to disconnect your solar panels for your renovations.

Does The Cost Justify The Installation?

Linking closely with the amount of solar panels you’ll be installing. Before just going ahead with the installation of solar panels for your whole home, you should sit with your budget and some sort of plan to measure how much electricity you’re using.  This will be an important part of the process as getting solar panels installed doesn’t come at a low price.


The Different Types of Solar Power

As there are two types of solar technologies which are dominating the market, you should reach out to a reputable company to come and do an assessment of your needs. This way you’ll assess whether you should be getting photovoltaic solar technologies which are designed to turn sunlight into electricity. Or if you should be getting thermal solar panels largely used for heating of your water.

The Connection of Your Solar Power To The Electrical Grid

Within the South African context, if you go ahead with the installation there’s a chance of you getting some sort of rebate to your property as you’re essentially making your property more energy efficient. In the long run, this proves to be of benefit as it puts less pressure on the provinces electrical grid.

There are however, a large amount of logistical matters to attend to before you can go ahead with the installation and these can include, where you live, how much money is it going to cost you in addition to your monthly power bill, how much electricity can you generate and what sort of reimbursement can you expect.

In closing, if you’re new to the concept of solar power, these are just some factors to consider before just going ahead with the installation. Should you require further information or clarification of what all solar power entails, be sure to contact the team at maxyield. They’ll be sure to address any questions or concerns you might have.