Where to find the very best in solar systems in the Western Cape.

By Hannes | May 7, 2018 | Blog

It is true that solar energy solutions not only lower your electricity bill, but also offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly answer to high electricity tariffs – but how to choose the best solar systems for your home?

Bear in mind that as quickly as the tariff for electricity rises, virtually every two or three months these days, mostly driven by an inept, corrupt monopoly on the part of Eskom, the prices of solar panels and lithium batteries are coming down just as rapidly!

The beauty of solar energy is that not only does it significantly lower your electricity bill, it also contributes to a sustainable, renewable energy sector that is quickly becoming the best environmentally friendly solution for a country that is blessed with a mild climate generated by the powerful free energy provided by the sun.

Max Yield is on the cutting edge of the fast-paced growth in solar technology, designing and installing solar panels and systems in Cape Town, as well as reaching across the entire Western Cape region, making them one of the most trusted solar companies in the region, which means that this is the most experienced team to have on your side when it comes to finding the best in solar solutions.

If anyone can explain what the different types of solar systems, solar panels and other components that go into the tailor made solar solutions this team has the technical knowledge to break down into language those of us unfamiliar with the technical terms and types of solar systems available, Max Yield can and will.

Max Yield will consult with you in order to establish the size of the solar installation that will best suit your residential, commercial or industrial property, and then break it down into bite-sized particulars that the least technical of us can understand, allowing us to make informed decisions based on expert advice given honestly!

In order to offer the most cost-effective solar solutions to meet all applications, whether it is off-grid with backup, grid-tied or back-up solar systems, this is one team that will not, under any circumstances, advise you to install solar panels and systems if they will not be effective in your area, based on factors that will be explained during consultation with Max Yield.

Unfortunately, there are many solar companies that will more than happily take your money to install a solar system that turns out to be a really bad investment, however, Max Yield is the complete opposite!

With a reputation valued by the team among its loyal customers for trusted advice, service, high quality products and expert installation, which is something Max Yield is very proud of, this team works hard to maintain this reputation, gathered over the many years this team has been working out of Cape Town.

The unwavering dedication to the move towards the growth of renewable energy in the Western Cape is testimony to the investment that Max Yield has made in growing the solar industry, giving their best towards a greener Cape Town and surrounding region.

This is the role Max Yield Energy plays in the passionate protection of our almost depleted natural resources, caused by the use of coal and other fossil fuels used to generate electricity without any thought for the damage already done, and the consequences that will follow as it continues.

Choose the most professional team in the industry for the highest quality in solar components, backup solutions and solar panels in Cape Town, contact Max Yield for the innovative design and quality workmanship of their solar system installations that stand head above shoulders of the rest in the Western Cape!