Drakenstein Area

We dedicated this page to the Drakenstein area in the Western Cape (Paarl, Wellington and surrounds).  Home owners, business owners, farmers and all electricity consumers take note – a unique opportunity you must investigate.

Pure Grid Tied

If you stay in the Drakenstein municipal area, you have an opportunity to benefit from the best net metering scheme is South Africa.  Drakenstein has, by far, the most exciting renewable energy scheme for residential and commercial users in the country.  In fact, it compares with the best in the world.

It is like being told that you can buy your fuel for the next 5 years  now, for less per litre than the current price, and not pay for fuel again for the next 20 to 25 years.  If you think that is marketing nonsense I don’t blame you.  The math to prove that it is absolutely true is quite simple though.

Amazingly, this seems to be a little known fact to the (fortunate) residents and business owners of the Drakenstein area.

In a nutshell, the municipality allows you to feed any excess electricity back into the municipal grid, and they will give you a full kWh credit for every kWh (unit) you feed back.  This credit is available to you to use again when you need it.  So, although you will not get money from them, you can offset your total electricity bill by generating your own power at a fixed cost per kWh, which in most cases is lower than your current rate, for the next 20 plus years.  No Eskom increases again and after the initial system has paid for itself (between 4.5 and 6 year depending on the size of the system) you have free electricity for as long as you generate.

There is a small monthly fee for your electricity connection.  This is your current connection fee plus approximately R150 per month for a single phase connection of residential size.  For bigger consumers, this fee is insignificant compared to the money saved.

Please contact us for more information and indicative costs.