The Do’s and Don’ts of Solar Power and How You Can Live More Efficiently

By Hannes | March 17, 2018 | Blog

Within the last decade, consumers throughout the country have started to slowly implementing solar power solutions into their homes. This brings about such a big sense of achievement when learning how to live independently from the national electrical grid. Although it sounds overwhelming when speaking about living off the grid, if you were to make small changes, you should be well on your way to living a more power efficient life.

Here are some of the most common dos and don’ts of solar power to assist you when considering to install solar power in your home or business.

Things You’re Encouraged To Do With Solar Power

When installing your solar panels, be sure to install it on the roof which faces the southern sun. By doing this, you can almost be sure that your panels will be able to function unhindered. If you’ve a large amount of trees within your garden that create shadows, you should cut these down to minimise any sort of obstruction near the solar panels.

When you install the solar panels, make sure there’s sufficient space between the rooftop itself and the solar panels. To get the most out of your solar panels, you’ll need to try and keep the panels cool, this will improve the efficiency of the panels.

Before you go ahead and get solar power installed, get a reputable company out to conduct an assessment of your home to see where you’re over using energy or under using energy. This’ll be a great indication and way of picking up if there’s a faulty appliances.

Things You Should Avoid When It Comes To Solar Power

When considering the option of solar power, it’s recommended you don’t calculate your total consumption over a short period of time. Ensure you’re calculating your consumption over a long period of time, this will result in a more accurate reading and understanding as to where you’re consuming the most electricity.

You should avoid letting your solar panels coming in contact with materials which have been produced from dissimilar metals. This reduces the chances of there being a chemical reaction between the panels and other products thus reducing the chances of corrosion.

If you’re limited on roof space, you should try not install the panel with parts of it being off the roof. As the wind can find its way through the gap, it can make your fittings weak and result in your panel potentially coming loose and breaking.

Contact A Professional Solar Company Today

To avoid having to spend unnecessary money, reaching out to a professional such as maxyield isn’t such a bad thing. They’re able to clear any sort of confusion you might have about solar panels and the installation process.

They’ll also be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right solar solutions for your home and what all it will take to complete the installation. Be sure to contact the team today to address your solar questions and concerns and move you and your family one step closer to becoming less reliant on the national power grid.