The Different Types of Solar Panel Systems You Can Choose From

By Hannes | February 13, 2018 | Blog

Not many people have sufficient knowledge on the developments and implementation of solar power within their homes. If you’re considering getting solar power installed in your home, you can have a needs assessment completed at your home to see what the most effective and practical set up will be.

The team at Maxyield have spent numerous years mastering the installation of two types of solar panel setup which consist of the off the grid set up with a grid back up. They also do the solar set up which is still connected to the normal electrical grid which doesn’t have a back up. Herewith are a brief explanation of the two systems to assist you in your decision.

Off-Grid with Grid Backup

An off the grid system with grid backup is set up using battery storage and a backup generator. This type of system uses a combination of solar power and municipal power. This allows you to save money on the initial set up as you don’t require the big battery banks to get you through the cloudy or rainy days.

Of the biggest advantages to having this kind of system installed is, you’ll never be without power and you’re also able to save on your monthly power account. Should the municipal power go out, you can make use of your solar power which you’re storing.

Looking at the pitfalls of this setup, you’ll need to lay out a large capital investment to get the battery banks and these need to be replaced  at least every 10 years to ensure efficiency. The batteries should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they’re ability to function.

Pure Grid Tied – No Backup Power

This kind of solar system is connected in such a way where it’s still connected to the main electricity supply but without having any sort of backup system in place. This’ll see you saving on your monthly electricity bill but it doesn’t provide you with any sort of back up system should the municipal power go out.

This kind of set up would work better for businesses than what it would in your home due to the country not having good metering schemes and systems in place. Often businesses can apply to have the city purchase the power they’re generating at a special rate.

If you’re looking for a system where you can save money and consume the solar power during the day, then this kind of system can work for you.

In closing, these are just two ways in which you can set your home or business up to start making use of solar power. Be sure to reach out to the team at maxyield, with a number of years experience in the industry, they’ll be able to assist you in finding the best solar solution to meet your home or business requirements.