The Decreasing Cost of Solar Power

By Hannes | June 9, 2016 | Blog

For many people, the complexities of solar power generation systems are difficult to comprehend; this is understandable, as there are a number of different types of solar systems available. At Max Yield Energy – a leading name in the solar panel installation industry in the Western Cape – we do not expect our customers to automatically understand what it’s all about, but we do go to the trouble of explaining the process in easy to understand terms. In fact, as honesty and integrity are essential to our work ethic, if we think solar is not the way forward for you we are happy to tell you!

So, why choose Max Yield Energy for your solar installation? First, we don’t simply turn up, install some panels, and take your money; we have a full consultation process that includes assessing your needs and measuring your actual energy usage over a sensible period of time, and only when we have everything we need are we ready to offer a quote. This is because our expertise allows us to understand that each client – domestic or otherwise – has different requirements, and we want our customers to be happy with the service and the solution provided.

At Max Yield Energy we are also keen to keep an eye on developments, and one area that improvements are being made in all the time is that of batteries. Not all systems require a battery, but for those that do we have spent plenty of time researching the best and most cost-effective options, and we guarantee you will be offered the most appropriate solution. If you believe that solar power could be a benefit to your home or commercial premises then please get in touch with us at Max Yield Energy, and we will arrange a consultation and assess the situation.