Off-grid Solar Systems with LiFePO4 (Lithium) Batteries

We are excited to offer the following prices on complete solar systems with Lithium battery packs, managed by state of the art battery management systems that are fully integrated with the inverters and gives you online monitoring of all aspects of your system. On top of that we can now offer a 5 year warranty on the complete system. The batteries have a life expectancy of more than 10 years and the panels more than 20 years. We also have access to a comprehensive local (Cape Town) repair service on the Voltronic inverters.

System1:  5kW Inverter, 3.6kWh Battery, 2.0kW PV (R78,000)
System2:  5kW Inverter, 7.2kWh Battery, 2.0kW PV (R109,000)
System3:  10kW Inverter, 10.8kWh Battery, 4kW PV (R172,000)
System4:  10kW Inverter, 14.4kWh Battery, 6.0kW PV (R221,000)

Prices exclude VAT but includes installation in the Cape Town area.

We are constantly striving to improve our already well designed energy solutions. Our ability to offer after sales support on all products is a non-negotiable aspect of our business. With the owner’s qualification in Electronic Engineering and attention to detail you are in safe hands.

Off-grid Solar Pumps (Updated Pricing)

An off grid solar pump (where you replace your dedicated Eskom connection with solar power) has a very good return on investment. No need to replace your existing pump and motor, just the electricity supply. Indicative payback figures are as follows:

kW    System Cost      5 Yr Saving   10 Yr Saving
2.2    R37,000             R133,000     R339,000
5.5    R77,000.00       R167,000     R424,000
7.5    R103,000.00     R197,000     R500 000

The “Solar Cost” includes the solar charge controller, solar panels and cost of wiring, lighting protection etc. This is all you need apart from the structures to mount the solar panels.  Note that we oversize the solar panels by a factor of 1.8.  In other words, the solar panels costed above for the 2.2kW pump is actually 4kW of panels.

Note: No batteries involved. The panels have a 30+ year lifespan.

Solar power is a perfect fit for water pumping with storage. It can be used for direct irrigation as well, but remember you are dependent on the weather!

The following assumptions were used in the calculations:
R/USD: R13
Monthly Eskom connection fee: R1500
Eskom price per kWh: R1.20
Eskom yearly price increase: 9%
Sun hours: An average of 5 hours per day pumping through the year and up to 9 hours in summer.