Choose Max Yield Energy as your value for money solar system provider.

By Hannes | September 9, 2017 | Blog

If you are looking for the best value for money Lithium Based solar systems in South Africa then look no further than Max Yield Energy.  Max Yield energy has a refreshingly honest approach to anything to do with solar products and solar energy, giving advice which is easy for any client to understand, as well as offering exceptional design expertise based on many years in the solar industry.

Products of unrivalled quality is the least you can expect from Max Yield Energy, whether it is in the form of an Off-grid with Grid Backup, which is the most popular solar system for residential clients, off-grid solar pumps or a Grid-tied solar system.

Because of the background and experience of the Max Yield Energy team, you can rely on the facts and advice presented, to the extent that if a solar system is not going to be suitable for your needs, Max Yield Energy will not hesitate to let you know, this is the kind of transparency and honest which has earned Max Yield Energy its position as number one in the solar industry in the Western Cape.

An end to end solar service is provided by Max Yield Energy as a result of their partnership with an electrical contracting company in the Western Cape, and with an owner who has a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering at the helm of Max Yield, you can be absolutely sure that your tailored solar system will suit your needs very precisely.

Based in Durbanville, Max Yield Energy provides renewable energy solutions throughout the Western Cape, bringing solar energy solutions to a region which has an abundance of natural resources to keep the power flowing.

Trust Max Yield Energy to find the most suitable solar system to suit your requirements without any blurring of the facts and with a level of honesty and integrity which is rare in any industry today.