Beat constantly increasing electricity tariffs with the best solar panels in Cape Town from Max Yield!

By Hannes | November 15, 2017 | Blog

We all know and feel the crunch where it comes to paying high electricity bills month after month, and in a time when solar panels and other solar components are coming down in price, is there really any reason not to make the move to renewable energy sooner rather than later?  If the outlook on electricity tariffs is bad now, what is going to be happening in the next year alone?  More than just a little scary to contemplate isn’t it!

This is absolutely not a scare tactic to send you rushing to invest in renewable energy, it is an absolute reality, and even if it means that you need to take out that second bond, beg, borrow but definitely not steal enough to invest in solar panels that will completely change the bottom line of your electricity bill and total reliance on Eskom, now is the time to do it!

As of 12th December 2017, NERSA has still not agreed to give Eskom the 19 percent tariff increase as requested by this floundering monolith, mainly due to the 23 000 submissions in opposition of this increase that have to be dealt with, but what is really of great concern is the attitude of not backing down taken by Eskom in this matter, brought about chiefly by mismanagement and corruption!

As quoted in News 24, Eskom’s acting finance chief has, in short, said that without this huge increase, Eskom cannot stay afloat! Ultimately, South Africans are going to be hit hard, caught between a rock and a hard place that leaves little choice for us – a bailout, which will simply cost us more in terms of further taxes, or with the consent for the tariff hike!

Most of us most definitely cannot afford to head for the hills and go completely off the grid, much as we might like to, but, Max Yield has the expertise to show you how to loosen the noose around our necks with renewable energy solutions that are becoming more financially viable by the day!

Few investments are able to give you the return on investment that solar panels and the right solar system can, and within a short space of time, which is an average of 3 years, your solar system will have paid for itself, and what’s more is that you will start reaping the benefits from the moment your system is installed by Max Yield: your first electricity bill will show the result clearly!

Upgrading your commercial building or residential property is not only going to save you a small fortune on electricity bills, it is also going to add a major chunk to the value of your property, and, because of the drop in solar panel prices, renewable energy is easily accessible to all South Africans, including low income families!

Take advantage of the fact that solar panels in Cape Town are the perfect fit for our beautiful sunshiny climate, but make sure you start the journey with Max Yield, their expertise will ensure that you end up with a renewable energy solution that will fit the bill to a T!