Battery Replacement – Kanonberg

Unfortunately we come across the worst kind of installers.  In this case, our client was done it by an installer who supplied cheap sealed lead acid batteries for a daily cycle solar application.  The 32 batteries (at a cost of over R90k) were down to less than half their capacity in 7 months.  Our batteries are designed to be “dropped in” to replace 48V lead acid banks which we did in this case by supplying 14kWh of capacity and adding a proper monitoring system.

To top it all, a few months after we did the replacement, our client phoned to tell us the panes this guy put up have half blown off his roof.  On inspection we found cut PV wires (which invalidates the panel warranty) tied together with connector blocks and insulation tape.  Shocking stuff. We secured them properly and did the wiring again to ensure the panels will stand the test of time.