The Appeal of Going Solar in South Africa

By Hannes | March 24, 2018 | Blog

Why should you consider investing in solar power for your home? If you want to get off the municipal electrical grid in South Africa, this is your best way to do so. Solar energy derives from a renewable source, abundant and not dependent on any adverse mining practices, unlike coal. We’re talking about the sun, which provides enough energy to the earth in one hour, to meet the global energy needs for an entire year.

There’s a reason why so many people are flocking to solar energy in South Africa. We have been blessed with incredible levels of sunshine throughout the year, which makes South Africa an even better candidate for solar power.

South Africans Are Taking The Lead

Many South Africans are taking the lead in implementing this technology in their daily life, and aren’t waiting for government to do so. More South Africans from all walks of life are entirely disengaging from the grid, and taking care of supplying their own energy.

It’s clear to see that, with the savings coming from solar energy, the initial investment it takes to deploy this technology will soon be offset. You’ll start saving money almost instantly, and soon the solar panels will start paying for themselves.

Depending on the type of setup you get, you could start seeing a return on your investment within 2 years after installing the solar panels. It’s both as simple and incredible at the same time. Making yourself independent from the national power grid can result in you continuing with your day to day routine without any interruptions.

Can Cloudy Locations Benefit from Solar Energy?

The short answer is yes, they can. Even the cloudiest of locations endure more than two hours of sunlight each day, while sunny locations average about five and a half hours daily. This is more than enough for the solar panels to charge up and provide enough electricity for an average household for the day.

Installing Power Banks As Part Of Your Solar Set Up

If you’re living in a cloudy area, by installing power banks, you’ll store the electricity you’re able to generate for when the sun isn’t shining. By having the ability to switch between the national grid as well as your own solar power, you’ll never be without electricity.

The sun gives off thousands of watts of energy each day. It’s enough to keep the world charged for 12 months. There won’t be any need for electricity generated from coal any longer. Not only does this remove harmful mining practices from the economy, but it also removes harmful emissions and high carbon footprints from the equation.

These are only a few of the many reasons why South Africans are opting for cutting edge solar power solutions. From cutting down your electricity bill every month to feeling like you have contributing to a more efficient life.

Contact the team at Maxyield to learn more about the benefits of deploying this energy in your home. Let us help you become more energy efficient and empower you to start saving money.