5.5kW Solar Pump Controller – Riversdale (Southern Cape)

Our latest project was putting up this solar pump system on a farm in the Southern Cape. The system is sized for a 4kW pump, but for now it is drawing the existing 2.2kW pump. It is delivering 4600 liters of water per hour at a height of 110 meters above the river it is pumping from. The system will save the client in the order of R5000 of diesel per month and deliver more that three times the water volume per month (than they were able to pump with R5000 worth of diesel!)

The generator shown above is what was used for the last months after the Eskom point was disconnected. Out of interest, it was disconnected after the client received a bill inflated by R30 000 one month with no reason given (which he refused to pay…).

Our client did a fantastic job of preparing the site based on the drawings we sent them. All we had to do was put up the horizontal beams that the panels are mounted on and wire everything up.

As you can see from the photos below, it is mighty impressive to get this result on an uneven surface, with warped poles and not using a single leveling spacer.

After a morning of good honest labour, all the panels were up and wired and we could fire up the solar pump controller. And after a little bit of fine tuning under load (and waiting for the rain to subside the came out of nowhere!) we were pumping water. No more Eskom, no more diesel and no more driving 3 km down to the river every day to start the pump.