4.8kW Off-grid Lithium battery based system – Baardskeerdersbos

We were privileged to be asked to supply off-grid power to a new farm house in Baardskeerdersbos in the Southern Cape. This is a significant job for us as our client opted for a new Lithium battery coupled with Voltronic inverters. We did not previously promote these inverters as we could not get local backup in terms of repair or deep technical support on them. Now that we can offer this and after having tested one for three months or so we are very happy with the results of this installation. It is a 12kW, single phase configuration supported by 9kWh of Lithium batteries and fed by 4.8kW (peak) of solar panel power.

Our client opted to do the majority of the physical installation leaving just the final wiring to us. As it turns out, this has led to new approach to neatening up the wiring (as can be seen in the photos) and our installations of the future will adopt a very similar design approach.

And as the morning progressed more and more clever ideas came from this new client of mine. For example, most of our future installations will be pre-assembled, wired and tested in our workshop before going out to site for the installation. This will save a full day of wiring, programming and testing the system on site and can be done on rainy days when we cannot be out on roofs or in air conditioned comfort in summer instead of sweating away in our client’s garage. We want to sincerely thank our new clients for their hospitality, great ideas and positive contribution to our business. Largely as a result of this new design direction we have had the most positive response on our Facebook page for any installation we have done and have elevated our business to the next level. We look forward to many happy returns to the Southern Cape to look in on existing clients and securing new ones.