3kW PV with 8kW inverters Off grid with grid backup – Bergvliet

We were called in to provide solar panels and install the solution for our client in Bergvliet. Our client was interested in thin film panels specifically. The panels are performing well and we will have the opportunity to compare them with poly crystalline panels soon as the plan is to add 1.5kW of PV power to the existing 3kW setup. There is ample battery power to handle the charging currents (20 x 150Ah, 12V AGM batteries). This is going to be a very interesting situation to monitor. The whole house is connected to the two parallel (4kW each) inverters, including the stove and the solar geyser’s element.

We are grateful to our client for referring more people from the Southern Suburbs to us and it looks like we will be doing much more business in the area. Word of mouth is certainly the best form of advertising, which keeps us on our toes to ensure total client satisfaction and after sales service at all times.