280kW Commercial System – Epping

This beautiful commercial system in Epping has an expected annual yield of approximately 500 000kWh which translates to an 10 year energy saving of approximately R8.5m and a 20 year saving of R26m based on their electricity billing scheme.

This site is any solar installer’s dream as the client allowed us to use top of the range equipment and go the extra mile by integrating the the solar system monitoring with the main AC installation, giving them a comprehensive view of their energy usage.  In discussing the ideal environment for the state of the art inverters, we mentioned that the ideal conditions would be for the inverter room to be climate controlled to keep the temperature and humidity down.  Our client’s response:  “Tell me the size and position of the air conditioning unit we need to install” and before the inverters were up the air-conditioner was in.  We are very fortunate to have crossed paths with a special group of strategic thinking people and look forward to another long-lasting client relationship.

From a design perspective we opted for the most efficient product on the market at the time which are the single MPPT 50kW inverters from ABB.  We could do this as there is absolutely no shading concerns at this site.  In order to save on cabling and reduce cable losses to a minimum we opted for roof mounted combiner boxes with lighting protection, fuses and DC disconnect devices, ensuring that we more than comply to local regulations.

This is truly a textbook example of how a state of the art PV system should look.