15kW Off Grid System for Vaalberg Farm, Kamanjab, Namibia

This was a fantastic project to be involved in.  A year before this site we did the game lodge on the same farm and based on the success that was the client asked us to get him totally off the grid.  We settled on a 15kW single phase inverter configuration with 44kWh of Lithium batteries.  The power is from 45 x 320W Seraphim PV panels and a generator is configured to start up automatically if required.

Interestingly enough the Lithium batteries decide when the generator needs to start as they know best when they need the power!  It took some careful wiring to make that work as the default configuration for the generator was to sense a power failure, and not be told when to start by a battery…

The black box in the picture (Designed and manufactured by SolarMD) contains the 15kW of inverter power and 22.2kWh of Lithium batteries.  Another bank of 22.2kWh was added a few days after this picture was taken.