Who we are

Max Yield Energy offers solar energy solutions in the Western Cape and is based in Durbanville. Our advice, design expertise and honesty is our pride and if there is one thing you can be certain of if you contact us, is that you will get 100% honest advice (even if you don’t want to hear it as solar is not the right answer for all situations).

The owner has a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering and has partnered with an electrical contracting company in the Western Cape to provide an end-to-end service to customers.

Max Yield Energy offers renewable energy solutions in the Western Cape

What we do

Solar energy systems in the Western Cape is our core business.  We follow the following, proven approach with all our potential customers:

  1. We listen to our client to fully understand their objectives (what problem are they trying to solve?) with the system.
  2. We probe to understand in what application the system will be required to perform (peak loads, total energy needs, schedule of usage during a 24hr cycle, etc).
  3. Where possible (existing loads or applications), we measure the actual energy usage for a period deemed necessary (typically a week to two weeks).
  4. We then design the system according to the data gathered in steps 1-3 and do a quotation based on the design.
  5. We do the full installation, with at least two scheduled visits after the system has been running for some time to check everything is performing to the design and to ensure our clients understand the basics of operating the system.

There are three main system types that we focus on, all with solar panels as the energy source.

The first system type is an off-grid system (with grid support or fully off grid).  These solar power systems all have some form of battery storage and inverter as part of the design and provides protection against power failures, or provides power where no grid power is available.

The second system type is a grid-tied system. They require fewer components and does not provide protection against power failures, but are the most cost-effective solar systems if saving money on electricity is the main objective.

The third system type is solar pump controllers.  With these systems, PV solar panels are connected directly to a solar pump controller that runs a normal single or three phase motor that drives the pump.  ideal for remote pumping requirements and can be used on existing grid compatible equipment (motors).

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